Citizen of the World

We decided to title our first season “Citizen of the World” because we felt it is a sentiment that will always be closely tied to our identity as a brand. Our love for travel and culture are some of the main inspirations for starting the brand. With this first release, we wanted to communicate different aspects of what we feel it means to be a world citizen while also covering streetwear basics that can be worn casually with any fit. We feel that in order to grow as a collective it is absolutely imperative that we think globally. The world is more connected than ever before meaning we have the unprecedented ability to learn about, visit and share the many cultures of the world. While the news would have you believe that other cultures should be feared, those who have traveled the world know that people are people everywhere you go. Though we are all unique individuals, there is more that makes us the same than what makes us different. We use this understanding to guide us a creators and as a business.

 The central piece to this collection is the “Citizen of the World” hoodie which boasts this seasons monicker and logo with streetwear sensibility. It was important to us to exemplify empathetic global citizenship which is why we felt we had to make the “Puerto Rico” Tee. Though we are still small we wanted to show that giving back will always be a part of what we do at ASTRL Clothing. Good citizenship starts with the individual and as such, self love and self respect are cornerstones of character of a global citizen. The “Keep Self Respect Tee” emcompasses this belief expressed with the same urban grittiness through which we came to understand its importance. Going back to the idea of a united world we created the “One World Longsleeve” which prominently features the word one world written in Russian, Chinese and Hindu. The back features the same ASTRL Globe design seen on the hoodie but below features this poem by Suzy Kassem called UNDIVIDED.
I am for
One world undivided.
One world without fear and corruption.
One world ruled by Truth and Justice.
I am for
One peaceful world for all,
Where hate has been overcome by love,
And everyone is guided only
By their conscience.”
The rest of the line features practical lifestyle pieces that can be appreciated by hypebeasts, gym rats and tasteful people everywhere.
Build Bridges. Break Walls. Blur Lines
Stand Up, Stand Out
Streetwear with a purpose