Puerto Rico

      These days it seems like we’re hearing about or are affected by some kind of new natural disaster every week. While many of us feel for those affected, it has become increasingly easier to become numb to those in need. Once the 24-hour news cycle moves on to the next disaster, often so do we. But the truth is those impacted by natural disasters continue to be in great need of aid long after the cameras leave. This is particularly the case in places the geographic location and/or the economic condition of the people makes it difficult to supply proper aid. This is why we felt that it was important to get involved with the recovery effort in Puerto Rico. 

      In 2017 Puerto Rico was ravaged by one of the most destructive hurricane seasons ever recorded in history. First, the Island was hit by Hurricane Irma a massive Category 5 storm. Then, just a few weeks later, Puerto Rico was in the direct path of an even stronger storm; Hurricane Maria. Thousands lost their lives as a result of these storms and the entire Island was left without power for weeks. The recovery from such a deadly storm takes years.

      While F.E.M.A did a great deal to aid in the initial recovery there is still much work to be done in terms of restoring infrastructure and becoming better prepared for future storms.

That's where ASTRL decided to get involved. We felt the overwhelming sense that we needed to do what we could to help the people of Puerto Rico. We partnered with the Eye on the Rainforest organization after seeing a video (below) which detailed the destruction of their compound during and after hurricane Maria made landfall.



     We made the “Puerto Rico” T-Shirt and released it with our first season because we wanted to show our solidarity with the Puerto Rican people. All proceeds from sales of the “Puerto Rico” Tee will be donated to the reconstruction of the Eye on the Rainforest compound in Patillas, Puerto Rico.